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Monday Kickoff


May 8, 2017 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Start your RAPID + TCT experience off right with the annual Kickoff. Hear about how America Makes is accelerating the use of additive manufacturing in the United States. Next, keynote speaker Mickey McManus will discuss the impact of IoT and digital manufacturing. Following the keynote, Todd Grimm will provide a can’t-miss roundup of the latest products in 3D printing and 3D scanning. Monday closes with a panel discussion from industry leaders on the transformation of manufacturing through 3D printing. The SME/Additive Manufacturing Community awards will also be announced.


SME/Additive Manufacturing Community Awards

Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award
The paper selected for the Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award describes an innovative application of rapid prototyping processes and techniques. The authors will be recognized for their contribution of ideas and information to the rapid technology and additive manufacturing industry.

Direct Digital Competition Award
This year, the Digital Manufacturing Competition challenged student designers to figure out how to help us get around better. More specifically, contestants were challenged to consider how our inherent human physical mobility and/or performance may be restored, enhanced or given new capabilities whether on land, in/on the sea, in the air or in space. Contestant submissions could address needs in the areas of personal transportation, sporting goods or medical appliances/physical therapy devices — or something unique, entirely new and/or novel.

Industry Achievement Award
Established in 2008 by SME’s Additive Manufacturing Community, the Industry Achievement Award was developed to recognize an individual, team or company for outstanding accomplishments that have had significant impact within the additive manufacturing industry or in any industry through the application of additive manufacturing technologies. As the name suggests, the award recognizes achievements that have been implemented or deployed in a commercial/industrial environment rather than research investigative work.


State of America Makes

America Makes is the nation’s first Manufacturing Innovation Institute and is part of Manufacturing USA. America Makes is currently in its fifth year of existence and is dedicated to the advancement of Additive Manufacturing. From project calls that are advancing technology, to road mapping activities bringing the industry together, to workforce development initiatives, America Makes has many exciting things to present from their first five years.

Rob Gorham
Director of Operations
America Makes


KEYNOTE: Networked Matter and the Nature of Things

Machine learning and automation are poised to eat the world. But this trend isn’t emerging in a vacuum. The so called “Internet of Things” is providing data and connectivity; digital manufacturing is transforming the way we design, make, and use those things. At the intersection of these trends is a primordial transformation that will leave some jobs and industries in the dust and herald entire new categories of work and business.

Mickey McManus
Chairman, MAYA and Research Fellow Office of CTO/Future of Learning, Autodesk


What’s New: Roundup of the Latest 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Products

Catch up on all of the new products in 3D printing and 3D scanning. With what seems to be weekly announcements of new and improved solutions, it can be a challenge to stay on top of it all. In this fast-paced review of what’s new since RAPID 2016, Todd Grimm will offer highlights so that you know what you need to see at RAPID + TCT 2017.

Todd Grimm
T. A. Grimm & Associates, Inc


PANEL: Transformation of Manufacturing

Mickey McManus, Chairman, MAYA and Research Fellow Office of CTO/Future of Learning, Autodesk

Vyomesh Joshi (VJ), President and Chief Executive Officer, 3D Systems
Stephen Nigro, President – 3D Printing, HP
Greg Morris, Additive Technologies Leader, GE Aviation
Fried Vancraen, Founder and CEO, Materialise

3D printing is transforming manufacturing into a digital technology, moving the industry from an analog to a digital realm. This change is a turning point for the industry. Traditional manufacturing requires a long process of market research, prototyping, focus group research, and the supply chain and retail channels to distribute products. With additive manufacturing, manufactures have more design freedom to work with designers, customize existing products, and ultimately decide what will go live. Product availability and market testing will go from years to days.


Speaker Bios

Rob Gorham

Director of Operations
America Makes

Rob Gorham joined the America Makes team in 2013 as the Deputy Director of Technolo

Mickey McManus

Chairman, MAYA and Research Fellow, Autodesk

Mickey McManus is a visiting research fellow at Autodesk, and principal and c

Todd Grimm

T. A. Grimm & Associates, Inc

Todd Grimm is 25-year veteran of the additive manufacturing/3D printing indus

Vyomesh Joshi (VJ)

President and Chief Executive Officer
3D Systems

Mr. Vyomesh I. Joshi, also known as VJ, is President and Chief Executive

Greg Morris

Additive Technologies Leader
GE Aviation

Greg Morris joined GE Aviation in late 2012 with the acquisition of his two comp

Stephen Nigro

President - 3D Printing

Stephen Nigro is the President of HP Inc.’s 3D Printing business. In this role, he is respon

Fried Vancraen

Founder and CEO

Wilfried Vancraen is the founder and CEO of Materialise. Founded in 1990, Materialise incorpo