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Automation of Post-Processing Through Energy Optimization

Post Processing I, II

May 9, 2017 11:15 am - 11:40 am

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Daniel Hutchinson – CTO and Founder & Michael Frauens – Principal Process Development Engineer, PostProcess

This session will discuss the application of energy management for automated post-printing across support removal and surface finishing. The presentation will take the audience through the implementation of software algorithms and the related data used to guide hardware and the introduction of chemistry formulated specifically for additive manufactured parts. This talk will discuss the importance of energy optimization for support removal and surface finish systems that are applicable across all print technologies (SLA, PolyJet, FDM, DMLS…) and print materials (ABS, ASA, SLA, Ultem, TI-64…). The post-printing technology advancements are now capable of addressing a wide array of unique additive geometries, including the ability to finish internal geometries and remove supports while leaving fine feature details untouched. The results of automating post-printing produce consistency unattainable with manual labor alone, increased throughput with reduced cycle times and increased productivity.

Daniel J. Hutchinson

Founder, President and CTO, PostProcess Technologies

As Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of PostProcess Tec

Michael Frauens

Principal Process Development Engineer, PostProcess Technologies

Michael has 32 years of industrial experience dominated b