By Sarah Anderson Goehrke,

“Like fine wine, this event continues to improve year after year,” Terry Wohlers said in his keynote at RAPID + TCT.

Applause, and appreciative laughter, followed Wohlers’ statement yesterday as the gathered crowd pondered his words. No one would know better than he about the growth of this particular event, as he’s attended — and spoken at — RAPID for 25 consecutive years, and has been heading Wohlers Associates and watching the industry growing around 3D printing for over 30 years now. Indeed, even since last year’s event, this year RAPID had a noticeably different energy to it as the industry and event have both seen growth just over the last 12 months. Amidst the hullabaloo of announcements, introductions, partnerships, metal, polymers, plasma, networking, and interviews, there was one even larger theme surrounding RAPID + TCT this week in Pittsburgh: we’ve come a long way, baby[…]