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Insights on 3D Printing the Largest, Complex Titanium Part

Earlier this year produced the largest, 3D-printed titanium part, achieving an important additive manufacturing milestone. Learn about how it happened, why it matters and what’s next.




Secure Machine Tool Remote Diagnosis and Production Efficiency With SINUMERIK Integrate

White Paper
Siemens values security as a key aspect of each product – from the concept and the solution to the complete lifecycle services. The modern evolution of manufacturing environments requires an increasing volume of data transmission and advanced remote access features. This whitepaper details how SINUMERIK Integrate Access MyMachine and Analyze MyCondition meet innovation trends and modern security demands related to remote diagnosis and remote access to the CNC machine.



CNC Essentials… What You Need To Know

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Often customers are unsure of what to look for in a CNC and more importantly, why? We would like to present article 1 of a 3 part series answering this question and others. There are various CNC features that are considered essential in 2015 and we will try to help establish what they are and why you need them.



zCat Direct Computer Control CMM – Four Decades of Development

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The zCat direct computer control coordinate measure machine, or DCC CMM, is designed to be smaller and portable compared with traditional CMM devices. It has been in the making for more than four decades. The zCat traces its origins to Homer Eaton inventing the Romer Arm in 1974. The arm was a way to measure large objects, such as aircraft, without taking them to a measuring device. After finishing it, “I immediately realized the advantages that a motorized and computer-controlled version of it would offer and I went to work on it,” Eaton said. The technology, however, wasn’t yet in place to turn those ideas into reality. Now, in the 21st century, Eaton’s idea has taken the form of the zCat CMM machines produced by Fowler High Precision.



Ten Warning Signs Your ERP System is Killing Your Business

White Paper
This paper describes the warning signs that an ERP system is harming more than helping, and how companies can thrive with a new approach to business systems.



Where Additive Meets Traditional Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is not at odds with conventional manufacturing. In fact, advanced and traditional technologies are greater than the sum of their parts. Learn how to use 3D printing in conjunction with machining, casting and molding to achieve unparalleled production. Watch this webinar to learn how additive technologies improve efficiency with urethane casting, CNC machining can be used to bring additive parts into spec, create quick molding tools and more!