April 23-26, 2018 | Fort Worth Convention Center | Fort Worth, TX | Exhibits April 24-26

MMI Exhibit Opportunities

Connect with your next medical customer!

The MMI series at RAPID + TCT will include focused promotions and web pages to target and expand the highly qualified medical and dental audience. Become an MMI exhibitor and highlight your contribution to the exciting growth of medical and biomedical use of 3D printing.

Whether a new or long-time exhibitor, whether serving only medical or medical is just one of your markets, the MMI series at RAPID + TCT 2018 will provide unparalleled connections and opportunities. As an MMI exhibitor at RAPID + TCT, you will be:


To become a part of this exciting program:

That’s it! There is no additional charge to be included!


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Download the Exhibit Space Contract (PDF), complete and send to exposales@sme.org with your preferred booth number from the live floor plan.


Additional Information

For more information on exhibiting email us or call 800.733.4763.