If you’re looking for new technologies or processes, partnership opportunities with startup companies or researchers, investment opportunities, or companies with an innovative product to sell, then you need to attend the Innovation Auditions! This session will take place Tuesday, May 9 from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm.

Qualified innovators selected by a panel of industry experts and investors will audition for you during one 60-minute session. Each innovator will have no more than 5 minutes to get your attention and share why their innovation could make a difference.

At the session, we’ll provide you with an innovations list to make notes and use like a sushi order list to select the ones of interest. Then connect with the innovator at the end of the session to get details on how it works.

The auditions will also include a panel of investors and technology experts to provide feedback after the auditions. The panel will also select one outstanding innovation that will be announced at the Wednesday morning keynote session.


Innovation Auditions

Tuesday, May 9 | 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm


2017 Participants

Rapid Part Distortion, Supports and Build Failure Prediction using Simulation


Metal laser sintering processes are gaining traction in many industries.  But many organizations are losing money because they don’t know what will come out of the machine when they start a build.  To avoid costly failures, companies are starting to utilize 3DSIM’s exaSIM(TM) software to rapidly predict the distortion and residual stress that will accumulate during part fabrication, in addition to auto-generated support structures based on stress requirements for anchoring the part to the baseplate.  Users utilize this very detailed information, often generated in just minutes, to guide designs, select build strategies, and improve the ROI of metal AM components.


Additive World Platform

Additive Industries

The Additive World Plaform is a software platform fully integrated with our MetalFAB1 equipment, which supports the complete 3D metal printing workflow from design to part. It allows our customers to store, share and analyse all relevant data in order to learn and improve fast and meet the high standards of regulated markets. The platform allows users to remotely create, schedule and monitor jobs on their machines, while all relevant data collected throughout the build process is stored in a single repository, allowing in depth analysis to increase learning and productivity.


Topology Optimization


The ANSYS topology optimization functionality lets engineers efficiently design structural components that are optimized for strength and weight. At the core are ANSYS’s solvers that highlight areas of interest, where material is needed to support loads. Also crucial is ANSYS SpaceClaim’s ability to clean up, modify, or reverse engineer a topology optimized STL output. As adoption of additive manufacturing continues to increase, engineers can fully take advantage of this technology by changing the form of parts, reducing weight, all while not sacrificing strength. The output is structurally sound solid body or STL-print ready model containing material only where needed.



Granta Design

MI:Workflow is a new software innovation that support organisations with introducing a controlled workflow for entire Additive Manufacturing (AM) process. Example workflow include following a build through the AM process, capturing information on powder materials, builds, machines and test data. People can be assigned tasked and be notified when new tasks are initiated by others. By using this innovation, companies can ensure they are capturing the vital data for traceability and having a workflow that minimizes risk and errors for entire AM process. This ultimately leads to shortened development time and time-to-production.


Secure Digital Supply Chain Software

Identify 3D

Identify3D is a leader in software for the digital supply chain enabling companies to have the confidence that their intellectual property, processes and products are both secure and aligned with established engineering standards. Identify3D provides consistency and repeatability through the digital supply chain delivering quality assurance from design to finished product. We deliver greater control over the digital manufacturing process ensuring the security and integrity of intellectual property along the digital thread. Ultimately, Identify3D helps engineers make better decisions using in-depth analytics and reporting to enable innovation, optimization and scalability across disparate digital production platforms.


Metal X


Metal X is a breakthrough in both additive metal manufacturing process and in broad accessibility through a compact affordable solution. As the world’s first Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing printer, the Metal X rapidly accelerates innovation by delivering metal parts overnight at the fraction of the cost. The printer delivers a broad variety of common engineering metals including stainless steels, aluminum, titanium as well as tool steel, enabling organizations to generate a functional mold in a single day – exponentially improving product cycle time and cutting costs.


Novel Titanium Alloy for Medical Devices using Additive Manufacturing

Nanyang Technological University

Titanium alloys are among the most attractive implant materials, due to their light weight, high corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and mechanical properties. However, the mismatch of their elastic modulus to that of bones, limit the extent of their use. Hence, there is a need for a new titanium based material with superior properties. This innovation showcases the potential of obtaining and fabricating titanium-tantalum (TiTa) alloys simultaneously using powder based additive manufacturing (AM) techniques such as selective laser melting (SLM). TiTa alloys were thought to be difficult to obtain previously due to the huge mismatch in the melting temperatures and densities of titanium and tantalum.


EinScan-Pro+, Multifunctional Handheld 3D Scanner

Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd.

EinScan Pro+ is a new member of SHINING3D EinScan product family. EinScan-Pro+ enables HD scanning mode, enlarged the scanning range compared to EinScan-Pro.  EinScan Pro+ is a multi-functional 3D scanner designed to meet many professional-level requirements of 3D scanning. It can deliver either handheld 3D scanning or industrial-quality 3D scanning capabilities to engineers and designers.  It can be used to scan industrial parts, sculptures, carved items, human faces, etc. The EinScan-Pro+ is a cost-effective tool to teach reverse-engineering at the higher education level, or even now at the high school level. The scanner is multi-functional, versatile, easy to use and compatible with all 3D printers.


Multi-material FFF biomimetic solutions

University of Michigan – Neuroprosthetics

Our innovation is using multimaterial extrusion (FFF) to replicate the tissue and bone structures of human anatomy for artificial limbs. Many commonly available prosthetics on the market are built in an exoskeletal nature and use technologies such as silicone sleeves or specialized grip pads to improve the functionality of limbs when grasping or manipulating objects. By using different material combinations to replicate tissue and bone, we can create custom solutions for individual needs.



Dave O’Neil
Dave O’Neil
Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing Media
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Dave O’Neil joined SME in December 2014 as vice president of Media. In this role, he is responsible for managing and developing AMM’s print and digital media products. Prior to joining SME, O’Neil was group publisher of the Life & Health Insurance Group for Summit Professional Networks. There, he successfully launched several new electronic and lead generation products. O’Neil also served as chief executive officer of CK Media LLC from 2006 through 2009. As the CEO of CK Media, he successfully built one of the leading multiplatform businesses in the enthusiast media sector. From 1998 to 2006, O’Neil was the vice president/group publisher of the Primedia Crafts Division. During his term at Primedia, O’Neil built and managed the fastest growing division within the company delivering double-digit revenue and profitability growth. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Illinois



Brian Levy
Brian Levy
Joe Gibbs Racing
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Brian Levy is a design engineer with Joe Gibbs Racing, one of the premier NASCAR Cup Series teams, and has been involved with additive manufacturing technologies since attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for his BSME degree. In addition to overseeing all of Joe Gibbs Racing’s additive manufacturing resources, which includes both FDM and PolyJet systems, Brian is also continuously working on developing applications of the technology to improve the designs of various parts and subsystems on the car. Brian has been featured in and has assisted with numerous case studies, articles, and white papers on additive manufacturing. This is Brian’s fourth consecutive year serving as a technical advisor for the Rapid conference.


Boris Fritz
Boris Fritz
Retired – Northrop Grumman
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Boris Fritz is adjunct Professor at Loyola Marymount University in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, currently teaching a course in Additive Manufacturing. He also does consulting in Additive Manufacturing. He retired from Northrop Grumman Aerospace 2 years ago, formerly working in the Additive Mfg Technology & Development Department & in charge of the Rapid Manufacturing Lab for 22 years until October, 2013. In 2003 he was Chair of SME’s RTAM community as well as chair of the RAPID conference. He has three patents & has published numerous research papers on 3D Printing since 1991. He also founded and chaired the Nanomanufacturing Tech Group of SME, as well as having been on SME’s Manufacturing Enterprise Council.


Brenna Sniderman
Brenna Sniderman
Deloitte Services LP
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Brenna Sniderman is a senior manager and subject matter specialist in Deloitte Services LP’s Center for Integrated Research, where she leads digital research. Her research focuses on additive manufacturing, connected technologies, and the intersection of digital and physical technologies in production, the supply network, and the broader organization. She works with other thought leaders to deliver insights into the strategic, organizational, and human implications of these technological changes.Brenna’s focus on additive manufacturing (AM) spans a variety of business issues, including its impacts on the supply chain and product design, as well as how organizations can examine their approaches to workforce development, quality assurance, intellectual property, and cyber risk to prepare for AM implementation. She has helped to conduct research into the importance and components of the digital thread for AM, and most recently examined where organizations can fit AM into a broader set of digital and manufacturing capabilities. Brenna holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University.


Carl Dekker
Carl Dekker
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Carl K. Dekker serves as the President of Met-L-Flo Inc., a growing service center for additive manufacturing in Sugar Grove, IL. He has been actively involved in research and product development using current technologies and innovative methods. Dekker has provided training and installations at Abbott Laboratories, Delphi, Motorola and numerous other locations. His work has been published in industry journals including Prototyping Technology, Rapid Prototyping Report, Time Compression Technologies, and the Wohlers Report (2003-8,13-14). A past chair of SME’s Additive Manufacturing Community, Dekker is the current chair of ASTM’s Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies and the current chair of SME’s Direct Digital Manufacturing Tech Group. Dekker teaches the Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Technologies Certificate Programs and also remains active in the Bright Minds Program as a member and former co-chair. He holds a Master Certificate in Rapid Prototyping and is a proud recipient of the SLA Dinosaur Award.